Terms of order and delivery

IMPORTANT! - the announced prices on the site are for internet ordering. The prices in the store of some goods may differ!

Registration of users on the site is not mandatory. If you regularly shop with us and you are a loyal customer or a merchant, then your registration is required so that we can assign the appropriate discounts to your account.
Upon completion of the order, you will receive an automatic reply to your e-mail as a confirmation for the registration of a new order. Soon after, depending on which time of the day the order is accepted, we will contact you for a "live" confirmation and y
Promotions on the site are valid only for orders through the site. Prices in the actual store may vary. Our shop works with SPEED Post to the office and to the door. Goods are not included in the price of the goods. Delivery Prices:  
A free delivery exception may be for out-of-sale goods, which will be notified when the order is confirmed.our details and details if necessary
Under normal circumstances, all orders are shipped on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Received orders on Saturdays and Sundays are dispatched on Tuesday. For some settlements delivery may take 2-3 days, depending on the delivery schedule of the courier company. When accepting the order from the courier company, check the integrity of the shipping container, and in case of damage and / or lack, ask the courier company representative to describe them in a record. In this way, the goods can be returned and sent to you, with shipping costs in our case at our expense. In any case, the best option is if you can call us immediately at 0889262783 or 0886150386

In the case of ordered, confirmed and delivered goods but refused for acceptance you should pay the shipping costs in both directions!

Ownership and liability for the goods go to you as soon as you pay and get it.
If you have reconsidered and want to return the product, you can do so within 7 business days of its receipt. The product should not be used or damaged by improper use. It is necessary that the package is not damaged. Courier costs in this case are at your expense. Before you return a product, please let us know in advance at 0889262783 or 0886150386
All prices at dukianahandmade.com are final, inclusive of VAT and do not include delivery.

The value of the order can be paid by:
 - Cash on Delivery

- Bank transfer:

IBAN: BG62STSA93000024998881



- PayPal

- Virtual POS Terminal

- Bulgarian PostsAn invoice is issued and sent to a User's e-mail address after the payment has been made in accordance with the payment method specified by the customer. Quote from ORDINANCE № H-18 of 13 December 2006, Art. 3, Al. 1:

(Supplemented, SG No. 49/2010, effective as of 29.06.2010, amended in full, SG No. 48/2011, effective 24.06.2011) Every person is obliged to register and accounts for his sales of goods or services to or from a retail establishment through the issuance of a fiscal receipt from a fiscal facility except when the payment is made by credit transfer, direct debit or available money transfer through a payment service provider within the meaning of the Payment Services and Payment Systems Act or by postal money order,carried out through a licensed postal operator for the performance of postal money orders within the meaning of the Postal Services Act.